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The Ultimate Guide to Samba Football Goals

16/06/2014 by FootballGoals

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Samba Goal Guide

Samba has been the leading manufacturer of football goals in the UK for some time now. Before Samba, there was a real lack of quality football goals available, not only for use in the garden but also for small and youth football clubs.


Over the last 19 years, Samba has firmly established itself as the leading supplier of football goals by using innovative designs and top quality materials.


All Samba Goals come with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind.


Samba Goals are divided into 3 main categories; Match Goals, Home Goals (the original), Fun Goals and PlayFast Goals.


Locking or Non-Locking?


Some Samba goals, including the Match Goals and Home Goals, come with a locking system. This is a simple and effective mechanism for ensuring that the posts stay securely and safely together. The system uses the simple button and hole system you will find on most poles that clip together, like tent poles.


In contrast, the Non-Locking Goal, like the Fun Goal, has poles that slip together, which is great for when the user needs to move the goals often and requires a more portable goal.


Read our quick guide below to discover which of the Samba Goals will best fit your needs.


Samba Match Goals


Samba Match Goals offer extra stability for those with powerful shots, whether using them at a football club or in the garden. Their pre-bent tension bars provide better support and give the net a roof, forming a box shape. Their locking system ensures that the poles never slip out of place when they are moved around, allowing for extra strength and safety.


Quick View:

  • Size Range: 5 x 4ft - 16 x 7ft

  • Use: league, match, training, garden

  • All goals come with locking mechanism as standard


The Samba Match Goals were introduced to meet the needs of keen footballers in both clubs and the garden. They work great for both training and for match day needs and are available in the following sizes:


Samba Match 5 x 4ft

This goal is an ideal training goal, and would also make a great garden football goal for the ambitious young footballer. Its uPVC frame makes it very strong, light and portable.


Samba Match 8 x 4ft

This goal is the correct size for junior 5-a-side. It is a free-standing goal made of high-impact uPVC, making for a sturdy garden and training goal.


Samba Match 12 x 4ft

The 12x4ft goal is a sturdy 5-a-side football goal suitable for league use that would also make an impressive garden football goal.


Samba Match 12 x 6ft

The 12x6ft is suitable for league use in mini-soccer 7-a-side football, and is a very sturdy garden goal, with its uPVC posts.


Samba Match 16 x 7ft

This Samba Match goal is the FA-recommended goal for 9-a-side football. Its locking system, carry bag and ground anchors make it a sound choice for league games.


Samba Home Goals (The original football goals)


Samba Home Goals (also known as Samba Training or Samba Original) are Samba Sport’s original goals. The posts are made from high-quality uPVC and have straight tension bars which support the goal, and an optional locking system.


Quick View:

  • Size Range: 4 x 2ft (target goal) - 16 x 7ft

  • Use: training, garden goal

  • Locking mechanism is optional


The original Samba Goals have been leading the way in garden and training goals for many years. There have been many attempts by others to copy Samba’s innovative design, but not a single attempt has ever been able to match their goals in terms of quality and value for money.


One of the best things about Samba goals is that they can grow with you by using the Samba Goal Conversion Kit. You can buy an 8 x 4 goal today, then, instead of having to purchase a completely new goal the year after, simply buy a much cheaper conversion kit to increase the goal’s size to the next level and to further levels beyond that.


Some of the most popular Samba goal sizes include:


Samba Home 12 x 6ft

The Samba Junior Goal 12 x 6ft is a great recreational goal to use in the garden or for training and can be easily assembled into a 5-a-side goal.


Samba Home 8 x 6ft

This goal is a great recreational goal to use in the garden or for training. It can be used on any surface and is strong and portable.


Samba Home 8 x 4ft

The Samba Home Goal 8 x 4ft is a great recreational goal to use in the garden or for training.


Samba Home 6 x 4ft

The Samba 6 x 4ft goal is a great recreational goal to use in the garden or for training that can be used on any surface. Its high impact uPVC construction makes the goal strong and portable.


Samba Fun Goals


The Samba Fun Goals use the same design as the Home Goals, except they are made using recycled material, creating a saving that can be passed on to you. These goals are ideal for training and garden use, and the white colour of the posts is not quite as bright.


Quick View:

  • Size Range: 5 x 4ft to 12 x 6ft

  • Use: training, garden goal

  • No locking available


This quick size guide should help you to determine which goal will suit your needs:


Samba 5 x 4 Fun Goal

This is a great starter goal for younger children, for a garden with limited space, and as a target goal.


Samba 6 x 4 Fun Goal and Samba 8 x 4 Fun Goal

We would recommend these goals for ages 6 to 11 or even older if space is an issue.


Samba 8 x 6 Fun Goal

This goal is a great choice for ages 8+ if space is available. We would also recommend this goal for younger children.


Samba 12 x 6 Fun Goal

The 12 x 6 football goal is the largest of the Fun Goals and the best choice for 11 years and up. This goal is also an ideal training goal for older children and adults.


Samba PlayFast Goals


Samba PlayFast Goals are a collaboration between Samba Sports and Mitre. These goals are the ultimate in goal technology, and combine the Match Goal with brand new corner technology, allowing for super-fast assembly, reduced set-up time and more training time.


If you already have a Samba Goal, you can upgrade to a Samba PlayFast Goal with the PlayFast Upgrade Kit. There are 4 kits available depending on your existing goal, and it must have a locking system to be compatible.


Our favourite PlayFast Goals include:


PlayFast 12 x 4ft Goal

This goal allows more time for playing football and less time setting up and dismantling your goals. It is perfect for those at home, grass roots level or schools who need to get the most out of their time.


PlayFast 12 x 6ft Goal

This goal is quick and easy to set up and take apart, allowing for more playing time. This makes it ideal for schools who need to maximise their time.


PlayFast 8 x 6ft Goal

When this goal is not being used, simply fold away and store until next time. Ideal for clubs and home use.


PlayFast 5 x 4ft Goal

Built with Mitre corner technology, this goal can quickly and simply be set up, taken down and stored. Its size makes it perfect for target practise.


We hope you have found the guide useful, if you would like any further advice or have any questions please feel free to give us a call on 01926484212.


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